Course Number Course Title: Course Teacher: Creditss: Section: Semester: Class Meeting Timess: Class Venue: Pre-requisites: CMPS1024 ( once CMPS150 ) – Computer Business Application MGMT1014 ( once MGMT101 ) – Fundamentalss of Management None 2012-2 3 CMPS3012 ( once CMPS360 ) Management Information Systems

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Laudon. K. C. . Laudon. J. P. : Management Information Systems – Pull offing the Digital Firm. 11th edition. . Prentice Hall MIS class web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //odl. ub. edu. bz/moodle3/course/view. php? id=106

COURSE DESCRIPTION COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to supply techniques and cognition for making competitory concern. pull offing planetary or local corporations. adding concern value and supplying utile merchandise and services to intended clients. Subjects include: Enterprise Applications. Systems for Supply Chain Management. Customer Relationship Management. Knowledge Management Systems. Digital Integration. Internet Technology. Database – Design and Implement in an bing Database Management System. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this class. pupils will be able to: 1. 1. 1 Knowledge a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. Describe the function of information systems in today’s competitory concern environment Explain information systems from both proficient and concern position Examine the transforming consequence of information systems on organisations and direction Explain the impact of cyberspace engineering and the World Wide Web on the Digital house Describe the functions of persons in the concern procedure

Describe the types of concern constructions and how they function and serve patronages. Explain the importance of effectual troughs and the functions they play in the concern success and the development of advanced services and merchandises Identify the impact. usefulness and benefit afforded concerns through electronic commercialism Examine privateness issues and the ways in which to procure a concern and its stakeholders from privateness misdemeanors. Identify menaces of invasion and other signifiers of system misdemeanor that exists through external beginnings such as viruses. Describe salient differences between direction and information engineering specializers and how these differences are mitigated. Explain the assorted degrees of direction and the alone systems and constructions that are critical to these degrees Explain the Rationale for developing and keeping systems which are dependable. scalable. portable and secure.