There are many empirical surveies look intoing the relationship among micro recognition and economic authorization of adult females and are besides supported by theories. However, the consequences are varied as different techniques and informations samples have been adopted. This portion uses an overview of the some of the past surveies, which will do it easy to understand the nature of the relationship among the focal point variables. Literature study gives drumhead of articles in which, the intent of the survey, how it was conducted ( how information was gathered ) and major findings are explained. At the terminal, major findings of the surveies of literature reappraisal are briefly summarized.

Economic determination doing consists of inquiries on whether adult females themselves were involved in determinations on outgos for house fix and building, farm animal sale and purchase, borrowing money, and minutess affecting family equipment. Credit promotes adult females to hold greater societal web and holding greater freedom of mobility. Women ‘s micro recognition engagement significantly increases their function in make up one’s minding and implementing family adoption and in make up one’s minding how those borrowed financess are expended.

“ Authorization has been defined in many different ways. Harmonizing to Elahi ( 2003 ) , the verb ’empower ‘ has two uses foremost when a individual is given with some authorization or power that, can be given lawfully or officially and that power is given for some specific intent. The noun ’empowerment ‘ agencies either the action of authorising or the province of being empowered. “ Women Authorization ” is besides an equivocal term. Mayoux ( 2000 ) discussed how adult females ‘s authorization needs to be an built-in portion of policies. The paper was based on research by the writer and secondary beginning stuff – 15 instance surveies form the chief footing of the statements. Authorization can non be assumed to be an automatic result of micro-finance programmes, whether designed for fiscal sustainability or poorness targeting. Harmonizing to Linda Mayoux economic authorization means adult females ‘s entree to nest eggs and recognition that gives them a greater economic function in decision-making through their determination about nest eggs and recognition. Access to nest eggs and recognition installations and adult females ‘s determination about what is being done with nest eggs and recognition strengthens adult females ‘s say in economic determinations of the family. This enables adult females to increase outgo on the wellbeing of themselves and their kids. A adult female makes betterment in an economic activity and besides have control over income that is the consequence of entree to microfinance with improved adult females ‘s accomplishments, mobility, and entree to knowledge and back up webs. There is an addition in income from adult females ‘s or household economic activities but control over income by adult females is non at that place. In many instances work forces control the income even from adult females ‘s economic activities and expect adult females to utilize all their income for pre-determined family outgo.

Whether Microfinance has a positive or negative impact on adult females, is debateable and controversial. Hulme & A ; Mosley ( 1996 ) concluded that, most modern-day strategies are non every bit effectual as they should hold been and that micro-credit is non a Panacea for poverty-alleviation and that inA some instances the poorest people have been made worse-off.

Khondkar ( 2001 ) agrees with these decision, peculiarly with mention to adult females authorization. He examined the impacts of recognition on adult females ‘s economic, societal, political and psychological authorization, taking history of the possibility of different impacts on different groups of adult females. The first stage of the sample study included 300 adult females, the 2nd stage of the sample study included 150 adult females and 35 elaborate instance surveies were performed Harmonizing to Khondkar, economic power means entree to income, assets, nutrient, markets and decision-making power in the economic domain. Social power is defined as when a individual has entree to certain bases of single production such as fiscal resources, information, cognition, accomplishments and engagement in societal administrations. Recognition has both positive every bit good as negative effects it depends on who receive it and how utilize it, sometimes it has no impact. As in most instances recognition was unable to alter adult females penchant in respects to accessing the improved nutrient that is available. Limited impact of recognition on betterment of adult females ‘s determination doing power in the economic domain is observed. Merely a few adult females were observed taking portion in determination doing about disbursement household income but that is merely the consequence of non holding any male member within the family. Access to market is necessary to cut down the poorness every bit good as to authorise adult females. Research found that, entree to recognition has non been effectual in authorising adult females economically.

On the other manus, assorted other research workers reported positive effects of Microfinance on adult females empowerment. Cheston ( 2000 ) focused on grounds available about impact on adult females, in footings of both public assistance and authorization. Research shows that, adult females spend most of their income on house clasp, hence when they are helped to increase their income, whole household is improved. Authorization is about alteration, pick, and power. It is a procedure of alteration by which persons or groups holding a small power or even with no power additions the power and makes them able to do picks that affect their lives. The construction of power is who has the power, what are the beginnings of power, and how power is put into consequence straight affect the picks that adult females are able to do in their lives. He concluded that, Microfinance plans have important impact on the empowerment procedure. For adult females empowerment, it is necessary that, she has entree to stuff, human, and societal resources necessary to do strategic picks in her life. Microfinance empowers adult females by seting capital in their custodies and leting them to gain an independent income. This economic authorization is expected to bring forth increased self-pride, regard, and economic control for adult females donees.

The impact of Microfinance vis a vie adult females authorization, has been found to be variable from civilization to civilization. In Ghana, adult females normally control their ain income from their concern. Because adult females are normally responsible for supplying nutrient, vesture, kids ‘s allowances ( pocket money ) and cookery and cleansing supplies. Women earns adequate to assist and to cover male outgos like school fees, rent, furniture, and conveyance, her decision-making power frequently increases. Microfinance is non ever authorising for all adult females but, most adult females do see some grade of authorization as a consequence. When adult females are financially strong and they have economic part in households and communities, it plays a function to authorise them.

Mayoux, ( 1998 ) examined the schemes that, increase impact of micro finance programmes on adult females empowerment. Research summarizes the findings of a pilot undertaking funded by Small Enterprise Development Fund of the Department for International Development ( DFID ) of the British authorities, and coordinated by Action Aid UK. Harmonizing to Linda Mayoux, there are many types of micro finance plans that specially focus on adult females. These scope from small-scale programmes based on self-help groups to big poverty-targeted Bankss. The three different attacks to micro-finance and adult females ‘s authorization are identified by the research worker. The fiscal sustainability attack in which authorization is defined in single and economic footings, i.e. non merely increases income but, it is assumed to supply control over such income. The integrated community development attack, in which authorization is defined in footings of a individual being self sufficient plenty that decreases her exposure. The feminist authorization attack, that is to alter gender dealingss. She analyze the authorization through model that, include power within, power to, power over, power with. She explains “ power within ” , as adult females has increased assurance and ill will, adult females is able to take determinations about her and other household members. “ Power to ” means adult females increased entree to income, productive assets and family belongings. It besides include, adult females increase in accomplishments and instruction, mobility and market handiness but lessening in load of domestic work including child care, improved wellness and nutrition. “ Power over ” include adult females have a control over loan which she borrowed, control over income how to use that, control over productive assets and family belongings, increased ability to find bounds of family ingestion and other valued countries of family decision-making at family and community degrees. “ Power with ” agencies, adult females have increase in webs, ability and willingness to move as function theoretical account for other adult females enterprisers, she is able to increase outgo on girl kids and other female household members, addition in rating of girl kids and other female household members in house and in society, prioritization of proviso of pay employment for other adult females at good rewards.

A really important survey was carried out by Heather Montgomery in Pakistan. Montgomery did non happen any important impact of Microfinance on adult females authorization. She discussed the poverty impact of Khushhali Bank ‘s loaning plan in Pakistan by building a control group that is compared with intervention group. The writer made sample of 1538 participants and 260 non-participants in a figure of ‘treatment ‘ small towns, where group-lending plans are being run every bit good as indiscriminately selected families from ‘control ‘ small towns without a plan. Major findings of the survey are that, Khushhali Bank ‘s micro recognition plan has positive impacts on both economic and societal public assistance of hapless people. Micro finance plan do n’t hold important impact on addition in ingestion but it has positive impact on instruction and wellness of kids. Outgo on kids schooling and betterment on wellness has been increased. The highest aggregative impacts of the plan on income generating activities were to agriculture. However, no important impact was noticed on adult females authorization.

Kabeer ( 2001 ) reached similar decision. She explored the grounds why recent ratings of the empowerment potency of recognition plans for rural adult females in Bangladesh have arrived at really conflicting decisions. Harmonizing to Naila Kabeer, adult females portion their loan sum with their male family member but the male members do n’t make so. If loans are directed at adult females instead than work forces so whole household is stronger economically and adult females are empowered personally and socially. Lend to work forces prevent adult females from prosecuting in their ain income-earning activities. The survey provided both quantitative every bit good as qualitative grounds on this. Male borrowers were much more likely to be primary decision-makers in relation to loan usage, endeavor than were female borrowers who were more likely to describe joint decision-making. On the other manus, adult females ‘s entree to recognition does look to hold lessened some of the gender favoritism in decision-making. Harmonizing to the study, many adult females use a part of loan to heighten their productiveness. Malik & A ; Luqman ( 2005 ) besides concluded that, Microfinance did non hold a important impact on Microfinance. The reappraisal paper focused on impact of micro-credit on adult females empowerment. Empowerment involves increased good being, entree to resources, assurance, self-esteem and regard, engagement in decision-making and bargaining power, and increased control over benefits and their ain life. Micro-credit programmes focused on advancing alterations at single degree. Microfinance and micro-credit programmes have a powerful impact on adult females ‘s authorization. But these plans do non ever empower adult females. Some adult females see some grade of authorization because ; it is a complex procedure of alteration and varied from civilization to civilization. The positive impact of micro recognition is that, it increases adult females ‘s ability to do household determinations, addition in self assurance and position in household and community, decrease in domestic force and speed up economic authorization.

However, Mahjabeen ( 2007 ) has different positions. Her findings suggest that, microfinance is required for authorising the hapless people. Microfinance can be used as a tool to cut down the spread between rich and hapless and to heighten the life criterions of hapless people. She discussed the public assistance deductions of microfinance establishments ( MFIs ) in Bangladesh in a general equilibrium model. The general equilibrium theoretical account of Bangladesh is based on the information set of the real-financial societal accounting matrix of 1999-2000. The major findings were that, MFIs raise income of all families, addition ingestion of all trade goods by all families, generate employment, cut down income inequality and increase societal public assistance.

Mahmud ( 2003 ) besides argued that Microfinance has a important impact on adult females authorization. He used the operational model to re-assess the relationship between engagement in micro recognition programmes and adult females ‘s authorization in rural Bangladesh. Research aim was to see how empowerment can be through micro recognition. Harmonizing to researcher authorization is the consequence of addition in entree to and command over choice-enhancing resources that are under male control, which increases the societal position and value of adult females. The direct accomplishment of authorization is increase in public assistance of adult females, which include the public assistance of other household members peculiarly kids. Immediate accomplishments are outcomes that reflect betterment in both adult females ‘s public assistance and in public assistance in comparing with work forces such as literacy, wellness, nutrition, mortality and morbidity, ingestion, and so on. The long-run accomplishment is reduced subordination to work forces ensuing from the alteration of societal, economic and political constructions that constrain adult females ‘s public assistance and support adult females ‘s subordination. Access to household income was greater with regard to little incomes that adult females themselves earn. Womans have a smaller function in determinations about how male incomes will be spent. Women ‘s entree to male incomes increases their function in ‘male ‘ determinations ; the determinations sing Crop production outgo were located in the male sphere, nutrient ingestion outgo determinations in the female sphere, with determinations on kids ‘s schooling falling in the common sphere.

“ Access to wellness attention ” has been taken as an of import determiner for adult females authorization in this survey. There have been researches to measure the impact of microfinance on “ entree to wellness attention ” . Kofi Annan articulated that, “ sustainable entree to microfinance aids relieve poorness by bring forthing income, making occupations, leting kids to travel to school, enabling households to obtain wellness attention, andA authorising people to do the picks that best serve their demands. ” Begum et Al ( 2000 ) examined the impact of micro recognition on wellness. Harmonizing to research workers increased income lead to better wellness, particularly if it is connected to other societal plans, peculiarly the authorization of adult females. Micro recognition chief intent is to increase income for adult females, peculiarly the poorest of the hapless, bettering the criterion of life, including the wellness of family members. Research shows the direct relationship between adult females ‘s increased income from any beginning and the nutritionary position of kids. Economic control improves self-esteem and strengthens adult females ‘s decision-making power in their households. Through micro recognition, adult females gain entree to capital, making the ability to feed, clothe, educate, house, and supply medical attention for their households. When adult females join together in groups their corporate voices become outstanding and they can talk for better wellness and as a consequence they empower their households every bit good as their community.

Pitt et al. , ( 2003 ) have endorsed the above decisions. They examined the impact of engagement in group-based recognition plans on the wellness position of kids by gender in rural Bangladesh is observed. The informations come from a 1991/92 study, which includes a particular wellness position faculty incorporating anthropometric steps for kids under the age of 15 old ages in 15 small towns. Harmonizing to research workers, adult females recognition has a big and important impact on the good health of both male child and girl kids. Recognition provided to work forces has no important impact. When adult females have a control on household ‘s resources their kids seem to be in good wellness. Female recognition is estimated to hold big, positive, and statistically important effects on the height-for-age of both male childs and misss.

On the contrary, few researches have concluded that, there is no important of Microfinance on authorization and entree to wellness attention installations. Nader ( 2007 ) discussed the impact of micro recognition on socio economic well-being of adult females in Cairo by utilizing primary beginning informations to mensurate the impact of micro recognition plans on donees in Egypt. Harmonizing to Yasmine F. Nader, high correlativity between micro recognition and kids ‘s instruction, income and assets and found that micro recognition does n’t better wellness and harmoniousness in the household. Increase in the income is reinserted and invested in the assets which adult females possess, but sometimes the addition is assets is in families and personal assets ( like Television and others ) and non productive 1s. Some adult females use all of their income for ingestion intents. Enhancement of the kids ‘s schooling has a multiplier consequence of giving recognition to adult females. Women give low place to their ain wellness in their precedences. Alternatively, schooling of their kids, feeding the household members and other types of lasting outgos, every bit good as some luxury allowances ( such as purchasing better apparels or amusement ) take precedence. Most adult females still depend on the authorities medical wellness insurance which is free but is by and large non really efficient due to low quality of services offered. Increase in adult females ‘s income and assets played a really of import function in heightening adult females ‘s economic independency and sense of assurance.

“ Schooling of Children ” is besides an of import determiner of adult females authorization for the intent of this survey. Harmonizing to Pronyk et al. , ( 2007 ) few surveies have examined the consequence of microfinance on entree to instruction. Surveies from Bangladesh shows positive associations between microfinance engagement and rates of schooling but consequences are more in favor of male kids. In Africa, controlled surveies from Uganda besides suggest that engagement in microfinance is associated with increased investing in kids ‘s instruction. However, in a survey conducted by Khandker et al. , ( 2008 ) , the antonym was discovered. The research workers discussed the comparing of the effects of immature adult females ‘s engagement through some results that includes birthrate, add-on in assets, labour supply, and family results such as one-year per capita outgo and kids ‘s schooling, with those for older adult females who participated in these plans. Paper was based on informations from the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies World Bank ( BIDS-WB ) study of 1991-92 and 1998-99. Fixed effects least squares appraisal is used to difference out any clip invariant unseen properties that drive choice into the plan either at the small town or the single degree. Young adult females have a higher demand for recognition than older adult females. There is no impact of plan engagement on kids ‘s schooling or adult females ‘s labour supply particularly in instance of immature adult females. In instance of older adult females, microcredit additions enrolment rate among boies and girls. Women ‘s adoption has a positive impact on family per capita outgo.

Another really of import determiner of adult females authorization is “ mobility and entree to market ” . Pit et Al ( 2006 ) focused on authorising adult females through micro finance and 1,798 families were interviewed that were indiscriminately drawn from 87 small towns of 29 thanas ( police Stationss ) in rural Bangladesh. Harmonizing to research workers female recognition affects the mobility/networking of adult females and in few instances married woman travels entirely outside the house. Economic determination doing consists of inquiries on whether adult females themselves were involved in determinations on outgos for house fix and building, farm animal sale and purchase, borrowing money, and minutess affecting family equipment. Women ‘s authorization is multifaceted. Women ‘s engagement in micro recognition significantly increases their function in make up one’s minding and implementing family adoption and in make up one’s minding how recognition is to be spent and where to pass. A married woman largely spends money for four major classs: lodging fix, livestock purchase, family loans, and land/equipment minutess. In all four classs, female recognition affects adult females ‘s liberty sing determination devising. Research shows that adult female spends money in every class except land/equipment minutess. Credit plans help adult females to hold a greater function in family determination doing so they have greater entree to fiscal and economic resources. Credit promotes adult females to hold greater societal web and holding greater freedom of mobility. Another survey by Sharma endorses these positions. Sharma ( 2007 ) examined the effects of adult females ‘s engagement in group-based micro-credit plans. The informations came from a particular study carried out in hill and terai in 2004-2006 of Nepal. Harmonizing to Puspa Raj Sharma adult females ‘s engagement in micro-credit plans helps to increase adult females ‘s authorization. Credit plan engagement leads to adult females taking a greater function in family decision-making, holding greater entree to fiscal and economic resources, holding greater societal webs, holding greater dickering power compared with their hubbies, and holding greater freedom of mobility. Female recognition besides tended to increase bridal communicating in general about household planning and parenting concerns.

For the intent of this survey, “ Asset Purchase and Control ” has besides been considered as a determiner. Galab & A ; Rao ( 2003 ) focused on the adult females who joined the SHGs of Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas ( DWCRA ) to analyze the features of adult females based group theoretical accounts of poorness relief and adult females empowerment that are being implemented in the province and part of these theoretical accounts to poverty relief and adult females authorization. Harmonizing to research workers adult females were able to better control over their labour, resources ( salvaging, recognition and income ) , and move and interact with others, leading, and picks related to reproduction, to some extent after taking micro recognition. The degrees of income of families have besides increased in all the classs of participants of the SHGs. The adult females acquired some non-land assets ; wellness, nutrition and instruction position of kids has improved. The adult females were able to run into their basic demands to some extent. The adult females have become more confident and independent under all the theoretical accounts.

The determination about Savings is highly of import, when it comes to adult females authorization. Basu ( 2006 ) focused on adult females empowerment with regard to command of nest eggs, control of income, control over loans, control over buying capacity and household planning in some sample families in Hooghly territory of West Bengal. The analytical model of the survey is based on Nash Bargaining Game theoretic theoretical account. This was an empirical survey based on 100 SHG members in the Hooghly territory, West Bengal in 2006. Womans were asked about four economic issues. The issues were: ( 1 ) house fix and building, ( 2 ) farm animal sale and purchase, ( 3 ) adoption money, and ( 4 ) minutess affecting family equipment. For the last three issues about half of respondents answered that they and their hubbies jointly decided on the issue and implemented the action together. For the issue of lodging repair/construction adult females were able to take determination. There were merely a few instances in which adult females take determination about above all four issues and besides implement them. Merely a few adult females reported that, they have entire independent control over money. Ample figure of adult females has their ain independency but holding a low degree of control over their nest eggs. Micro finance plan does non explicate the strong signifier of adult females empowerment instead it is weak signifier of adult females authorization.

However, Khan and Rehman have expressed wholly different positions in this respect and have established that, MF has positive impact on nest eggs. Khan & A ; Rahaman ( 2007 ) discussed the impact of microfinance on the hapless people of the society with chief focal point on Bangladesh. The aim of survey is to demo how microfinance works, by utilizing group loaning methodological analysis for cut downing poorness and how it affects the populating criterion ( income, salvaging etc. ) of the hapless people. One of the most of import facets of microfinance is savings mobilisation, sample was chosen based on the random sampling technique, from one territory ( Chittagong ) in Bangladesh. Harmonizing to research worker microfinance has positive impact on the criterion of life of hapless people and on their life manner. It has non merely helped hapless people to come over the poorness line, but has besides helped them to authorise themselves. They were able to increase their income and provided non merely with fiscal aid to their households but besides had positive impact on other factors of day-to-day life. These hapless adult females brought about a positive alteration to their fiscal and societal state of affairs and started taking active portion in the determination doing procedure of the household and society. The consequences sing the success of increased function in determination devising procedure in the household, reveals that microfinance plans are extremely associated to construct up of societal and economic authorization.

Major findings of old surveies are that, for adult females empowerment, it is necessary that she has entree to the stuff, human, and societal resources necessary to do strategic picks in her life. Microfinance empowers adult females by seting capital in their custodies and leting them to gain an independent income. Recognition has both positive every bit good as negative effects, it depends on who receive it and how utilizes it. Sometimes it has no impact. Women ‘s engagement in micro recognition additions their function in make up one’s minding and implementing family adoption. Credit plan engagement, leads to adult females taking a greater function in family decision-making ; holding greater entree to fiscal and economic resources ; holding greater societal webs ; holding greater dickering power compared with their hubbies and holding greater freedom of mobility. The degrees of income of families have besides increased acquisition of some non-land assets ; wellness, nutrition and instruction position of kids has improved. Negative impact of micro recognition was of extremely restrictive environment for adult females along with the increased work load and duties as a consequence of their engagement in income generating activities other than their traditional duties. Microfinance is non ever authorising for all adult females, most adult females do see some grade of authorization. Micro recognition has become one of the most of import tools used to cut down poorness and to increase well-being of household.

3.1 Research Gap

Although surveies have been conducted to analyze impact of Micro Finance, nevertheless small or no research has been done to determine whether Microfinance or Micro-credit has had a important positive or negative impact on the authorization of hapless rural adult females in Pakistan.

Research Methodology

This portion is divided in to two subdivisions. First subdivision is about the hypothesis of the research and the 2nd subdivision is about research design inside informations which include type of research, survey scenes, survey participants, mark group profile, trying technique, instrument development and techniques for informations analysis.

Different methodological analysiss have been used to carry on such Impact Analysis Studies. It is hard to follow a standard methodological analysis for impact appraisal, as it is every bit much an art as a scientific discipline ( Little, 1997 cited in Hulme, 2000 ) and is a strenuous exercising.

4.1 Hypothesis

The purpose of the survey is to seek empirical grounds to analyze the undermentioned hypothesis ;

Null Hypothesis

MF has a significantly positive impact on authorization of rural adult females in Pakistan.

Alternate Hypothesis

MF has a significantly negative / no impact on authorization of rural adult females in Pakistan.

Research Questions

Are hapless rural adult females empowered to make up one’s mind about taking and.utilizing loans without their hubby ‘s / household members ‘ intervention?

Are hapless rural adult females empowered to do & amp ; implement economic determinations related disbursement, ingestion, investings, sale / purchase of family / concern assets etc?

Are hapless rural adult females empowered to do determinations about accessing other fiscal services ( salvaging e.g. ) ?

Research design inside informations

Following are the constituents of the research.

4.2.1 Type of Research

This survey is descriptive in nature, which intended to entree the impact of KBL micro recognition plan on the economic authorization of adult females. This is quantitative research that is through questionnaire.

Study Settings

Study is based on secondary every bit good as primary informations. Secondary information is collected to research the subject every bit good as to acquire the maximal available information about micro recognition and its impact on economic authorization of adult females. Primary information is gathered to back up the secondary informations and for this intent detailed study was conducted to acquire the information.

Study Participants Profile

The participants of study are adult females clients of Khushhali Bank Ltd. The participants were selected from the adult females clients of bank from Chakwal. Demographics

Harmonizing to the 1998 nose count of Pakistan the entire population of Chakwal was 1,083,725 of which 12.01 % merely were urban doing Chakwal the most rural territory in Punjab.

Chakwal is fundamentally an agribusiness country about 70 % of its population is engaged in agribusiness. A little per centum of population is engaged in banking, wellness, instruction and industrial sector.

The folk, kins and castes that inhabit this country are the Awans, Jats, Bhutta, Mair Minhas Rajputs, Jalaps, Kahuts, Mughal, Kassar, Pathans, Janjua Rajputs, Bhatti, Gujars, Gondals, Syeds, Arains, Butts and the Punjabi Sheikhs. Psychographics of Respondents

The frock which work forces, adult females and kids wear is really simple as work forces by and large wear shalwar kameez or dhoti kurta and adult females by and large wear shalwar kameez with dupatta.

The nutrient which is consumed by the people of chakwal is besides simple. In rural chakwal veggies, meat etc is cooked in ghee or butter is eaten with rotti ( staff of life ) .

The physical characteristics of the territory, its folks, its society and its economic system all combine to do Chakwal one of the chief recruiting countries for the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force. Other chief businesss of the people are agriculture and excavation. Transport and domestic fowl concern is besides of import.

4.2.4 Sampling Technique

Sampling methodological analysis adopted for informations aggregation is non chance trying method named as convenience trying method. Every adult female who is current or old client of Khushhali Bank Chakwal Branch was included in the sample. The sample for the survey was the taken from above mentioned population. Time restraint has prevented from appraising a larger population.

4.2.5 Sample Size

100 adult females clients of Khushhali bank who belongs to rural Chakwal. Almost all are from hapless ( below poorness line / non-tax remunerator ) backgrounds. All have taken loan from the Bank.

4.2.6 Distribution of Sample

Table 4.1 Distribution of Sample


Number of clients

Chakwal ( Adjoining small towns )








Mehro Pelo


Bullay Bala


Fam Kasar




Sample Selection

All respondents satisfy the undermentioned standards.

Age 18 to 58

Married Womans

Respondent ‘s income less than nonexempt income

Holders of National Identity Card ( NIC )

Either a lasting occupant of the country or a occupant for at least two old ages

4.2.8 Clause for Replacement of Respondent

Following steps were taken in instance selected respondents decline to make full questionnaires

An attempt was made to actuate by briefing the aims of the study and bespeaking to suit the interview at some other clip

In other fortunes a family adult females is replaced by bordering family adult females in instance all the group members are absent from the house.

Time Horizon

The information for this peculiar survey is collected over period of 2 months. The whole research is based on both secondary informations and study to acquire the sentiment and perceptual experience of clients sing economic authorization.

Evidence of Research – Datas

In order to turn to this Impact Analysis Study, both primary and secondary information was gathered..

Secondary Datas

Initially secondary informations was collected, to determine if a similar research had been conducted before and what were the findings. This would put base for research. Data would be collected from books, diaries, articles, cyberspace etc. Relevant and utile stuff would be included in Literature reappraisal. Although, some similar studies were available, but were largely conducted in other states. There is barely any research, which focuses peculiarly on adult females economic authorization in Pakistan.

Primary Data

Primary Data was collected via studies, interviews and questionnaires. Interviews were conducted separately every bit good as in groups. Structured and unstructured inquiries were asked.

Data Collection

Survey scheme was used to garner qualitative and quantitative informations. Pakistan Microfiance Network ‘s quarterly study was a good beginning of secondary quantitative informations. Some quantitative information was besides available with MFIs. There are a few Impact Analysis studies available ( Montgomery, 2005 /2006 e.g. ) , although they are non straight focussed on adult females, but still transport some utile information.

As for primary informations, countries visited during research procedure included Semi-Urban Chakwal, Sadwal, Marath, Janga, Mehro pelo, Fam Kasar, Bullay Bala. So from the above mentioned sample of specified population, questionnaires have been filled out. Personal aid was besides provided, wheresoever required as respondents were non educated plenty to understand as most of the respondents were illiterate. Every respondent took about 15 to 25 proceedingss to reply all inquiries.

Questionnaires and Interviews

Most of the primary information was qualitative in nature and was collected through studies, structured interview and questionnaires. A sensible sample of about a 100 adult females was selected, from different geographic location and background. There were nevertheless opportunities of choice prejudice ( Hulme, 2000 ) , hence sample was carefully selected. The inquiries were in the closed, list, class, ranking and evaluation graduated tables in easy local linguistic communication, get downing with easy to more complicated inquiries. The advantage of utilizing questionnaires, are that, the research worker is easy able to garner significant information in lesser clip. The questionnaires have to be carefully worded to avoid inquiring personal or sensitive inquiries as they may pique the respondent ( Saunders, et Al. 2007 ) .

Since pre-determined questionnaires can be inflexible at times ( Saunders, et Al. 2007 ) semi-structured and un-structured interview were conducted from more antiphonal and willing respondents. Systematic and good organized inquiries that will give responses to the inquiries raised andA furthermore test the hypothesis. The advantage is that some respondents may experience more comfy in an synergistic session ; they might be loath to supply the same information on paper. Besides communicating spread and misunderstood responses can be avoided and new countries may be explored. The information gathered is more realistic. Disadvantages are that, such Sessionss are more clip consuming.

The major restriction is the distant location of research country. Another issue with questionnaires and interview is that, adult females are loath to supply information peculiarly to male research workers.

After literature reappraisal on micro finance, a study questionnaire ( see in appendix ) was developed. The questionnaire comprised of two parts. First portion was related to personal informations or demographics of respondents and 2nd part was related to micro recognition and its impact on economic authorization of adult females. In study questionnaire different types of graduated tables has been used. Respondents were required to rank or tag each inquiry harmonizing to way given in the questionnaire. Questionnaire wholly covered all the variables and sub factors of each variable affecting in survey.

Questionnaire Design

The questionnaire was prepared on following footing

Survey aims

Ease in conductance

Adaptability for informations input and quantitative analysis

The questionnaires so translated in Urdu. Questionnaires consist of 44 inquiries. First part consist of personal information like age, matrimonial position instruction degree and answering country, loan rhythm, intent of loan.


Personal information 7 points

Section 2

Income and control over income 4 points

Savingss and control over salvaging 5 points

Education of kids 8 points

Control over loan 2 points

Health 7 points

Control over assets 4 points

Market handiness 7 points

Alpha Reliability

Dependability and cogency of questionnaire was checked through Cronbach ‘s alpha which was 0.654. A pilot survey was conducted before the aggregation of concluding informations in order to look into the cogency and dependability of the questionnaire. Pilot trial was run on 15 respondents who are adult females clients of Khushhali Bank Chakwal.

4.4 Data Gathering & A ; Analysis

Data was analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Graphs, chart, tabular arraies etc would be used to stand for informations. The responses were statistically tested by utilizing e.g. standard divergence or qi square etc. , depending on the information retrieved. To this terminal, I used the SPSS ( statistical bundle for societal scientific discipline ) version 13.0 package to cipher the statistical step and so consequences were to be analyzed by cross tabular matter of informations. Earlier, I was be aftering to utilize Multiple Regression Analysis but it was non used, as it has been seldom used in Microfinance as it requires immense informations on other possible causal factors and its premises ( Mosley, 1997 ) .

4.5 Resources


Bing a parttime pupil, clip is scarcest. In order to track deliverables, I have prepared ( attached as Appendix 2 ) a Gantt Chart.


The interviewer travelled to the research country.

Assistants / Peoples

I took aid from former co-workers at MFIs. I was besides supported by my supervisor. If possible, I shall besides make out the mark clients.


I have been on a regular basis confer withing books, articles, diaries, documents and electronic informations.


It included the cost of stationary and postage. The questionnaires were photocopied and sent to Pakistan and so received once more. Expenses were besides incurred in set uping field visits.

Consideration of Risks

The impact of Micro Finance / Micro recognition can be observed over a long period of clip. If a adult female client is in 1st or 2nd loan rhythm, the impact might non be every bit important as clients in 5th rhythm. Coleman ( 2002 ) , Alexander ( 2001 ) and Hashemi ( 1997 ) suggest that, since Micro Finance clients already have initial advantages over non-clients, the impact will be overestimated if these initial prejudices are non controlled for. Since most of the loans are extended in the signifier of groups and non persons, there are opportunities of sample prejudice. ( Montgomery, 2005 )

The impact of a Micro Finance programme besides depends on internal factors such as loan sum, involvement rate, continuance of loan, client choice, use of loan, merchandise quality and external factors such as degree of poorness and rising prices, economic conditions, political conditions etc. Harmonizing to Woller et Al ( 2002 ) , despite a battalion of surveies devoted to the subject, the impact of microfinance plans remains an intensely debated issue. The consequences may differ from clip to clip. There is besides hazard of ascription & A ; exchangeability ( Hulme, 2000 ) , that needs to be controlled.

Ethical Issues – Confidentiality

Pakistan is a spiritual and conservative society where adult females are loath to speak and go through on their family information freely to unknown work forces. Although some informations was accessible through Pakistan Microfinance Network, nevertheless, some MFIs and authorities sections are loath to portion informations, particularly that of adult females clients. The respondents had to be informed before carry oning the research ( Hulmes, 2000 ) , nevertheless it made few clients loath to take portion in the study. The respondents were approached, largely in their places. The respondents were voluntary in order to hold honest replies. They were briefed about the nature of survey being carried out. Participants were assured that their responses would be confidential.